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What Students Are Saying About Our Pilates Studio

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As good as it gets! I’m hooked! I moved to Santa Monica in February just a few blocks from this gorgeous new studio, and the best thing that happened since is Tribe’s opening! Emily and Kris are attentive and friendly owners, and the instruction ensures safe and proper alignment to prevent injury while also kicking serious a**.The instructors are the best in town, and the studio is immaculately clean and smells amazing of essential oils. The Balanced Body machines and props are kept in perfect shape, and the class repertoire varies so it never gets boring. I’d recommend trying all of the classes (Jump and Reform, Arms and Abs, Booty and Stems, Level 1 and 2), and check them all out! You will love it, and get individualized corrections and advice being that they don’t over-pack the studios with reformers (there are only eight of them!) Thanks for adding this gem to the Santa Monica fitness scene!
– Meghan H. 2019

HIGHLY recommend Tribe Pilates! I have done a lot of Pilates and Emily is one my all-time favorite instructors. She really knows her stuff, is great about correcting form mistakes, and has a super positive demeanor that makes the workout enjoyable to go to while she is pushing you harder to get the most out of your workout. The studio is nice too with super new equipment and ample parking.
– Sean B. 2019

Great workout – love the teacher/owners! If you’re looking for a core, overall body strengthening workout, check out this studio. The reformer machines give you just the right amount of resistance to challenge the regular Pilates movements. Ask for Emily if you have questions, she’s so sweet and knowledgeable.
– Itzel F. 2019

Tribe Pilates is a hidden gem! I did my first class this past weekend during their pre-opening. I haven’t been to Pilates in over a year, but wanted to get back into it and thought this was the perfect way to try it out. Let’s just say Emily is amazingly tough! She was everything I wanted in a Pilates instructor. Sometimes I feel like I go to classes and I basically just stretched for an hour. This was not the case for Emily’s class. I broke a sweat and felt like I got a great workout at the end of it. This and they had a great special and reasonable price, made me decide to sign up! I love Pilates because it has always been the workout that really transformed my body in a way that no other workout could do. Can’t wait to see how my body will change!! They also have a great schedule and late classes, so I can go after work!
– Allix K. 2019

I live in the neighborhood and thought I would give Pilates reformer a try. I bought the intro offer 3 classes for $50. Monday, I took transform level 1 and today I took the booty and stems class. Transform level 1 the instructor gave very clear instructions as I am a newbie, I really appreciated her patience! Booty and stems I felt very challenged but in a safe and effective way. I can’t wait for my third class. Cute studio, great workout, I’ll be back soon!
– Christine Y. 2019

Just had my first session here with Emily and I could not be happier! I’m postpartum 2 1/2 months and have been doing cardio at the gym weekly but have struggled to figure out the right exercises to strengthen my core again. Emily was so patient with me as I’m a total beginner at Pilates reformer. She gave me the best workout I’ve had in sooo long! I left shaking, feeling amazing, and strong again. Can’t wait to take more classes here and really start to see a difference. Now I know why everyone raves about the reformer, it really is the best full body workout. Definitely will be recommending Tribe Pilates to my friends/family. Emily is so sweet, great area, easy parking, and such a gorgeous vibey studio! So excited to be a part of the tribe!!
– Krista K. 2019

Chic clean and beautiful with all new equipment. I love Emily and have been following her from other studios as I truly see results after every class. Her exercises are effective and she is hands on and makes sure your form is correct. I can honestly say she completely transformed my body since I started working with her. Highly recommend as one of the best reformed Pilates class in town and top on my class pass list!!!!
– Sinbal S. 2019

Super cute studio with boho vibes! The staff was very knowledgeable and welcoming! I was also very pleased with their prices for their sessions/ packages very affordable! This is definitely my new favorite Pilates studio! The class also really pushed me past my limits as I feel like I will be able to achieve my fitness level goals here! Can’t wait for my next session! So happy to have found a new Pilates studio in my neighborhood with great instructors, price points and a beautiful ambience! Thanks Tribe Pilates!
– Sami Y. 2019

Love this place! Clean and modern, plenty of parking in the neighborhood. Dog friendly! I’ve been doing martial arts and power lifting/functional training for most of my life and Emily never fails to safely challenge my skills. I trained with her consistently a few years back as she helped me through some minor injuries and as well with my posture from being at a desk all day. One of the best active recovery/strength workouts you can get! I went for the grand opening and my abs were nice and sore for a good couple day. Highly recommended.
– Juan E. 2019

A cozy little oasis away from the buzz of Pico, this Pilates studio checks off all the boxes: lovely atmosphere, pristinely clean, and friendly, knowledgeable instructors. An added bonus? It’s less expensive per session than the majority of the studios nearby, making it more accessible and welcoming to the variety of budgets in the area. I took a Level 1 Class and was pleasantly surprised by the difficulty (though Emily, the wonderful instructor, gave many great options for modifications or challenges). I bought a class pack and I can’t wait to come back for more! Thanks Tribe!
– Chase S. 2019

So, my wife dragged me to Pilates…I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since the class was called “booty and stems”. I thought this would be easy, but man was I wrong. My arms and legs have never shake so much. We even did core exercises and it definitely attacked muscles I’ve never felt before. My wife schooled me on the reformer and I’ll never question her workouts again! I’m a firefighter, so this was a great way to exercise and stretch a lot of my tight muscles. Definitely will be back and next time I’m bringing my fire buddies because I have a feeling, they will think this is “easy” too. Awesome class, the studio is clean with brand new equipment and the instructor was great! Would recommend!!
– Justin C. 2019

Today I took Pilates for my first time and I’m so happy I chose Tribe for my first class. I was a little intimidated by the reformer but as I walked into Tribe the staff was very welcoming, friendly and showed me exactly how the reformer would work.  I took Transform Level 1 and the instructor was very patient being a newbie and all and gave very clear instruction. I got a great full body workout and can’t wait for the next time! Not to mention I loved the ambiance and lavender smell throughout the studio! Thanks Tribe Pilates I’ll be back!
– Ingrid K. 2019

Tribe Pilates is the most welcoming studio I’ve ever visited. It’s decorated beautifully and the classes are the perfect balance between being fun, challenging, and unique! I’d highly recommend this studio to anyone living in LA or anyone visiting town. Emily is such a knowledgeable and encouraging instructor – try to get into one of her classes, if you can!
– Kara E. 2019

This studio is truly a gem! While the esthetics are so perfectly curated (seriously the cutest studio) the same love and attention is put into each class. I’ve yet to find another space that feels and offers the same level of service. Best yet, Emily’s classes will make you feel like a champ- taking two a day is my fav!
– Kendall S. 2019

I’ve taken two classes at this studio thus far and both have been excellent. I took the Arms and Abs class and the Booty and Stems class, and after both classes I felt great and was sore the next day. Emily’s attention to form is impeccable and her workouts are beautifully choreographed to achieve muscle exhaustion. She weaves in stretches to ensure you have a chance to recover. The studio itself is beautiful, with a minimalist aesthetic. There’s plenty of metered parking nearby
– Michael K. 2019

Always a little nervous to try a new Pilates spot (I’ve been going to my current place for over 3 years), but since this place is close to my house I thought ‘Hey buddy! What do you have to lose?’ Did NOT disappoint. Brand new facility, great instructor. Definitely going back.
– Kris B. 2019

Great place! Being a rookie, they were very patient and made me feel like I knew what I was doing. This looks like the right place for me. Thanks Emily and Kristopher
– Patrick K. 2019

Great little spot! Love that it’s nearby my home and open late! Great instructors, great burn, and reasonable prices! Thanks Tribe Pilates for coming to Santa Monica!!!
– Alex C. 2019

Excellent place to work out! Great place to go! Friendly and fun atmosphere! Loved my time there!
– Ingrid K. 2019

Took a “Booty and Stems” class tonight with Emily and it was FANTASTIC!
– Kalyn H. 2019

Super cute local spot! Friendly / knowledgeable staff! I have already noticed a significant difference in my body from going here for just the past few weeks! I recommend to anybody that is trying to get their body in the best shape possible!
– Sam E. 2019